My Aching Feet

July 12, 2017

My poor feet are killing me. It feels like the meat of my feet is slowly being torn apart. It's rather unpleasant.

I had this problem years ago until I found a magical pair of shoes. They were New Balance 402s and they felt like I was walking on clouds. I'd wear them out and just buy another pair of size 13 402s. Fast forward through a few pairs and they're no longer working for me.

I was on my feet all day at work today and they hurt so much I was limping most of the day. So I finally went to Fleet Feet Sports tonight to see about getting better shoes. They took this cool 3d image of my feet to measure them and took video of me walking so see what could be causing my issues. They set me up with these nifty cloud shoes from the Swiss company On. So far they're very comfy, we'll see if my pain goes away.

ling // 3 years ago
Hi BJ, try fit flops some time. They are very springy.