Home Phone on the Cheap

December 30, 2015

Many years ago we got rid of our home phone service. We both had cell phones, nobody knew the number, we never used it; it was just a waste of $30+ every month. Once Claire arrived I knew at some point we'd need to get some kind of phone service in the house, at least for emergencies.

What I ended up doing was getting VOIP service over our broadband. I have an account with voip.ms and registered a DID number in my area code with them. Since you can pick your own number, you can pick one that either means something to you or is just easy to remember. I got a killer number with a bunch of repeating digits, very easy to remember. Then I just had to buy an analog phone adapter to bridge my analog phone with the VOIP provider.


Once you own the ATA the cost for the service is basically nothing. Sure it depends on your internet, but ours is pretty stable. I don't use this phone often, but when I do it's never not worked. Rachelle actually called me this morning using this phone and it worked great. It sounded like any other phone from my end.