Coldest Weekend Ever

January 8, 2018

This weekend has been so cold it's crazy. On Thursday afternoon they pre-emptively closed school for Friday because they were expecting the high to around 3°F and the windchill far below 0. I was out each day shoveling my driveway and could barely make it the few minutes it took each time.

The weather has been pretty rough on the cars as well. Our Pilot was giving us low air pressure warnings for half the tires and the battery completely failed. When I had the car inspected a couple months ago they said the battery would need replacing soon and we might get lucky to last through the winter. Alas, no luck, we tried going out to dinner on Friday and it wouldn't start in the garage. So we had to take my car and had to order a new battery while we ate, picking it up on the way home. My dad and his friends share the philosophy of replacing car batteries after the first time they start cranking slow (unless you leave the lights on or something stupid obviously). When I picked up the battery the sales guy told me that he's seen a lot of BMW and Mercedes owners with central processing unit failures due to the cold. The cars would be driving down the road and suddenly just turn off. Sucks to be them.

On the bright side, I hear it could be as high as 50s  by the middle or end of the upcoming week. I can't wait for the headache that will accompany a 45° increase in temperature over a few days.